Law Office "Romański&Partners" is run by Witold Romański, legal adviser, a graduate of the Law and Administration Faculty, Jagiellonian University, Cracow.

Witold Romański
Legal adviser. Senior Partner, expert in company law, real estate trading law.
Languages: Polish, English, German
Cell phone +48 602 755 147

Magdalena Kumela-Romańska PhD
Legal adviser. Expert in administrative law, civil law.
Languages: Polish, English, German
Cell phone +48 604 439 509


Key areas of the Law Office’s legal practice:

  • business law, including company law,
  • civil law, including real estate trading law,
  • administrative law, lawyers’ service of construction investments,
  • public orders law,
  • labour law.

Range of services

Complex and ad hoc lawyers’ services covering in particular:

  • Drawing up legal opinions and draft contracts,
  • Services and advice in business transactions, including participation in negotiations and giving an opinion on agreements,
  • Assistance in companies’ founding, transformation and liquidation,
  • Developing internal legislation acts (articles of association, rules of remuneration, labour rules, organisational rules),
  • Representation at court proceedings concerning business cases, including proceedings at the register court,
  • Representation at administrative proceedings and at administrative courts proceedings,
  • Amicable and court settlement of dues.

Additional services:

  • For the legal services to be efficient, constant co-operation with notaries is required. Therefore, the Law Office may provide comprehensive notary services, performed by notaries public, who co-operate with the Law Office.
  • Our Law Office cooperates with an accounting office and a tax adviser, also on companies’ audit field.
  • In order to ensure comprehensive services for its clients, the Law Office maintains contacts with academics from Cracow universities (consultations in commercial law, consultations and co-operation in organization, management, economic and financial advise).
  • When individual assignment are performed, the Law Office hires specialists from given law divisions and co-operates with other legal offices in southern Poland.

Our Clients

Law Office “Romański&Partnerzy” renders services for entrepreneurs in particular those involved in:

  • development activity
  • merchant activity
  • service activity
  • manufacturing activity
Our clients - natural persons conducting business activity are helped in providing the optimal form for this activity by transformation and optimization. Conditions for conducting business activity under supervision of heirs are provided as well.


Romański & Partnerzy Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego
Orla 73 Street
30-244 Cracow
Opened Monday - Friday, hours 8.30-16.30
mobile phone +48 602 755 147

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